Career Advisors are qualified career, human resource and organizational development specialists. Career Advisors are committed to assisting clients find out about their vocational preferences, skills, aptitudes and career options. To understand what they need from a career and what they need to do to get the right job for them.


Career and Job Seekers –  Do you relate to any of the following?

  • Undecided regards which job or career is best suited to your skills and attributes?
  • Decided upon a career but uncertain this is the correct choice?
  • Dissatisfied with and not confident that your current position suits your interests, skills or offers advancement and a secure future?
  • Don’t know what you can offer employers or how to go about getting the career or job you are best suited for?
  • Not getting to interview stage or being offered that dream job?
  • Need to know how best to use the Hidden Job Market?
  • Redundant, Individual and Company Outplacement and Transition programs.
  • If these apply to you and you have concerns about your future success then you should contact Career Advisors for a no obligation discussion.

    Experience and Qualifications

    Career Advisors as qualified career and human resource consultants have extensive experience and skills. Consultants are committed to their clients and have specialist qualifications in Careers Education and Development, Human Resource Management.  With business experience in Human Resource management, including selection and organizational development, consultants can provide clients with a practical informed service to assist in their career, job search. All programs are developed in accordance with the guidelines of the Career Institute Council of Australia (CICA) and Government Equal Opportunity and employment guidelines.

    Services to suit your needs

    Services are designed and tailored to suit a clients needs whether it be a career vocational assessment or tailored career, job search and resource marketing program, resume and cover letters. Career Advisors Resourcing unit is in constant contact with employers and the employment market to assist client career seekers and employers to satisfy their needs for careers and resources.